Daddy Owl’s Rest

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For the last few years, a family of great horned owl have made their home atop a live broken saguaro right near our neighborhood. Momma Owl lays her eggs and keeps a close watch on her surroundings, while Daddy Owl keeps perched in a palo verde tree, protecting his family from afar. Soon, the fluffiest little balls of feathers that you could ever imagine appear, and each fortunate glimpse of them becomes such a delight. Before we know it, they’ve grown into teenagers and the saguaro top even gets a bit crowded! One day we check on our favorite neighbors, only to find they have all left their home. We give a sad smile and look forward to one’s return to the nest next year. This is my salute to Daddy Owl.

Thank you Jaime Wamsley for some great reference photos!

Last week I finished my second paper painting exercise from my class in Sedona. I took this photo of one of the many frequent visitors in our yard. However as much as I love them, as cute as they are, they are such little stinkers! Within a weekend of planting a multitude of beautiful flowers, these innocent looking bunnies have proceeded to deadhead each and every bloom all the way down to dirt! Somehow though I still have a heart for them – and I am pleased with how my painting turned out.

Just got back from a trip up to beautiful Sedona! If you haven’t been, you won’t be disappointed! Its not just red rocks, it is literally a divine experience! My weekend art class featured one of my favorite artists, Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson. It was so motivating and I learned some great tips! Check out my apple exercise I completed! Expect to see my second exercise from the class soon!