Umm…Social Media???

by posted by on October 06, 2017

I will tell you now that I am no pro at social media. I did try to do Facebook years ago and it consumed me. So I suppose I do exist there but don’t really participate much. For some reason I have a better relationship with Instagram…and I got on that mainly because my boys were. Well they’ve since moved on to Snapchat, which I don’t quite understand…why snap when you can already text…and save pics too…anyway. So Instagram it is. I just started a separate art account which is kind of fun. It allows me to not only post my pieces, but I can give a little insight to each one. Which I don’t typically do much on my website. So that’s cool…Feel free to look me up. ArtAlthea_artist 

I’m gonna get so good at this. ūüėČ

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Cherokee Art Walk Fundraiser

by posted by on May 10, 2016

This month gave me the opportunity to demo my collage process and create with the students at Cherokee Elementary in Paradise Valley, Arizona. What a great group of kids, each student helping me choose the perfect piece of paper and find its appropriate spot on the canvas.

Typically a large piece can take a month to complete. With a little prep work ahead of time, we were able to finish two large collages in one day! One piece to auction off at their Art Walk fundraiser that night, as well as  another to be given a permanent home in the school. I learned a lot working so fast! And each piece turned out beautifully, hopefully inspiring creativity in all these blooming artists!

IMG_5273 IMG_5269 IMG_5267 IMG_5266

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Art Althea Workshops are here!

by posted by on March 03, 2015

So often I have been asked to teach my torn collage technique, and I am so glad to announce that my first workshops have finally become reality. I really enjoyed the sweet, talented students that joined me for my first workshop in Cave Creek, Arizona. With a bit of instruction and demos, it was a fun day of painting papers, ripping and gluing to create one of a kind collages. My next workshop on April 18th is filling up fast, so make sure to email me if you are interested!  I will also keep you up-to-date on any upcoming workshops. IMG_3818IMG_3822IMG_3816 IMG_3824

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Flagstaff Art in the Park

by posted by on July 02, 2014

If you’re up in the beautiful¬†Flagstaff area over the Forth of July weekend (with everyone else!), you should come join me at¬†the Flagstaff Art in the Park! Should be a fantastic¬†show¬†and¬†of course the weather is much cooler!


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Life of a Cat

by posted by on April 07, 2014

I wanted to share with you a picture sent in to me from the proud owner of one of my commissioned pet pieces‚ĶCypress posing in bed in front of her self portrait! Livin’ the life!!!

Thanks Amie!

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Still Standing

by posted by on September 11, 2013

From that morning venture, just off the road I found this old weathered barn..or cabin…or what was it? Wouldn’t it be neat to know? It looks to have been there for such a long time! Perfectly weathered. Timeless. With the kind of wood you would want your new floors made from.

Such a big piece for me, 48 x 36. Took a long time! I often get asked how long each piece takes. I have yet to give an accurate answer, but I can give a reasonable answer…as long as it takes with two boys, a husband, 2 guinea pigs and 1 1/2 ¬†dogs! I stop and start so often that I don’t keep track of my hours. If there is free time of at least an hour I will start painting (with glue of course!) but my goal is to finish about 1 piece per month. Mas o menus!

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