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Umm…Social Media???

I will tell you now that I am no pro at social media. I did try to do Facebook years ago and it consumed me. So I suppose I do exist there but don’t really participate much. For some reason I have a better relationship with Instagram…and I got on that mainly because my boys were. Well they’ve since moved on to Snapchat, which I don’t quite understand…why snap when you can already text…and save pics too…anyway. So Instagram it is. I just started a separate art account which is kind of fun. It allows me to not only post my pieces, but I can give a little insight to each one. Which I don’t typically do much on my website. So that’s cool…Feel free to look me up. ArtAlthea_artist*

*Has since been updated to @althea_collageartist

I’m gonna get so good at this. 😉

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