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Daddy Owl’s Rest

For the last few years, a family of great horned owl have made their home atop a live broken saguaro right near our neighborhood. Momma Owl lays her eggs and keeps a close watch on her surroundings, while Daddy Owl keeps perched in a palo verde tree, protecting his family from afar. Soon, the fluffiest little balls of feathers that you could ever imagine appear, and each fortunate glimpse of them becomes such a delight. Before we know it, they’ve grown into teenagers and the saguaro top even gets a bit crowded! One day we check on our favorite neighbors, only to find they have all left their home. We give a sad smile and look forward to one’s return to the nest next year. This is my salute to Daddy Owl.

Thank you Jaime Wamsley for some great reference photos!

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