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Art Althea Sassman

From that morning venture, just off the road I found this old weathered barn..or cabin…or what was it? Wouldn’t it be neat to know? It looks to have been there for such a long time! Perfectly weathered. Timeless. With the kind of wood you would want your new floors made from.

Such a big piece for me, 48 x 36. Took a long time! I often get asked how long each piece takes. I have yet to give an accurate answer, but I can give a reasonable answer…as long as it takes with two boys, a husband, 2 guinea pigs and 1 1/2  dogs! I stop and start so often that I don’t keep track of my hours. If there is free time of at least an hour I will start painting (with glue of course!) but my goal is to finish about 1 piece per month. Mas o menus!

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