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Get Out!

2013 is flying by so fast! The boys will be out of school in another week and then what!? They are becoming pretty independent so I am hoping I will still find enough time for art, although you can bet my interuptions will be many. Especially since our neighborhood seems to have sprouted with kids, most of which congregate in and out of our house. I’m not complaining, it is quite fun around here; sure beats driving them around everywhere else.

Speaking of driving around, we recently visited the cabin in ShowLow, AZ. I woke up one morning at 5am, since the sun was about to rise, and decided to venture out scouting. I had just finished a piece before our trip and thought Id check out this area for new ideas. Wow, mornings are so wonderful! When is the last time you just went outside to walk or drive around and explore so early in the morning? So peaceful! Why dont I do that more often? Well I will now.

Driving around I went looking for different photo ops, getting in no ones way. No horn honking. No one yelling at me to get off their property. :> You end up exploring, finding new things that were so close to you but you never knew they were there. But now I do.

A beautiful trail with an old stick fence that leads to a stonewall bridge with a running creek through it, sparkling in the morning sun. Old barns seen from a different angle and in a new light. I would have never found those perfectly lit purple irises. But for some reason I am always especially drawn to the horses. Can you blame me?

When I stop to say hello to a horse, another will come running. They love a little distraction from their morning grazing. A handful of grass and a scratch on the rump would make this horse breathe in my ear. Oh, I could do this all day! Even the shy colts warmed up to me! So many horses and I still feel the need to give each one the attention it deserves! Never mind my allergies to them. For now.

So we’ll see if one of my photos from my morning can bring about a little inspiration for a new piece. Either way, I gotta get out more often. In the morning!  🙂


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